Pittsburgh Steelers Should Bid Good Riddance to James Harrison

By Jeric Griffin
james harrison leaving steelers
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There are some professional athletes who simply can’t be fixed and Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison is a prime example. He’s a pretty good player, but he’s constantly injured and when he’s not, he’s still unable to play because he’s suspended for a dirty hit (no matter how crazy you are about the Steelers, you know it’s true). He has no respect for authority, especially when that authority’s way of thinking is far more logical than his, and now he’s saying he won’t take a pay cut to stay with the team he’s helped win two Super Bowls. Sounds like a real standup guy, right? The Steelers should drop a slip in his locker telling Harrison not to let the door hit him on the way out.

The illogical thinking of a guy like Harrison is baffling. For one, his numerous disagreements with the league are all unwarranted and he’s injured far too often to be demanding any amount of compensation. The Steelers are already in a pickle when it comes to their 2013 salary cap situation and they’ve been nice enough to offer a deal to Harrison instead of just cutting him outright. However, Harrison says he’s not taking a pay cut, which means he’s not dedicated to helping his team win another Super Bowl.

Harrison will likely be signed by another team after he’s cut, but it won’t be a contender. Teams that win Super Bowls don’t have star players who are injured all the time and they certainly don’t have such who demand a certain salary.

The Steelers would be better off to just get rid of Harrison now before he becomes more of a cancer in the locker room than he already is. Even if you like the dirty hits and the constant childlike behavior, you have to admit that Harrison is a basket case and it will cost him in free agency this offseason.

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