The Arizona Cardinals Should Take a Look at QB Seneca Wallace

By Kase Brammer
Seneca Wallace
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Right now, the Arizona Cardinals should not go out and spend a bunch of money on a new starting quarterback. I believe QB Kevin Kolb can get the job done, but because of his injury-plagued past, the team must prepare better than having John Skelton, Ryan Lindley or Brian Hoyer as backup.

QB Seneca Wallace is a free agent and would be good choice to back up Kolb for less than most veteran QBs. He did not play beyond the 2012 preseason after he was released by the Cleveland Browns. The team could sign him for the veteran minimum, which would allow them to sign bigger named offensive linemen and running backs to protect him.

Wallace is an athlete and a competitor, but unfortunately for him, he has never really had the title of game changer. He is a backup for life, but his 31/17 career TD to INT ratio is excellent for the scattered playing time he has received over his 10-year NFL career. Signing Wallace would tell fans the Cardinals are hoping for sunshine, but preparing for rain.

In the event Kolb does go down, Wallace would make a seamless transition to leading the team, especially if the offensive line fails to protect Kolb. He was smart enough to get Mike Holmgren’s offense when he was a backup for the Seattle Seahawks and he is younger than Matthew Hasselbeck, who would also be a great addition to the team. The only downside to Wallace is the team might have to make some adjustments to Head Coach Bruce Arians‘ vertical passing game if he does end up having to play.

The Cardinals must spend some money this off-season, but a smart signing like Wallace is the best of both worlds: a good player with a cheap price tag.

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