Widening NFL Field by 35 Feet is a Terrible Idea

By Andrew Fisher

Oh NFL, why are you trying to ruin your near perfect game?

When I first saw this report, my initial thought was that it was a joke. The NFL is seriously looking into the idea of widening their field by 35 feet – which would make it the equivalent of a CFL field. You know, the Busch League of professional football.

Of course the issue at hand is player safety. The theory behind widening the field is that it would reduce violent collisions by giving players more room.

I’m of the belief that the NFL could really care less about player safety, but now that they’re facing years and years of lawsuits because concussions, they’ve been forced to change their attitude. Of course the millions of dollars in payouts have nothing to do with this increased level of safety awareness, not a coincidence at all.

The league has already tried to ruin kickoffs. Before you know it, there won’t even be kickoffs. Now we’re going to watch players run around a goofy giant field?

People like violence, and the more the NFL reduces the violence in their games, the more people will tune out. Personally, I could care less about the health dangers of playing football on the players. It’s 2013, the players know what they’re signing up for. If they don’t want to risk their future, don’t step on the field.

It’s not often I bust out a George Carlin term when talking about sports, but this is just another example of the continued pussification of the NFL. People don’t want to see that, and if the league really went to this larger field, I would seriously evaluate whether I’d continue to watch.

Leave the field alone. If the league wants to develop better equipment to protect players, that’s fine with me, but don’t mess with the gridiron. If players are worried about their future well-being, they should reevaluate whether football is for them.

Hopefully, the NFL dismisses this idea. I’m sure the actual physical act of widening fields across the country will be enough of an issue to delay this for awhile, but down the road, I can easily see this happening. If it does, it will be a sad day in American sports.


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