Ahmad Bradshaw To Stay In New York?

By Andrew Lecointe
Matthew Emmons — US Presswire

When the New York Giants released RB Ahmad Bradshaw, he did raise the possibility that he could return to the Giants at a cheaper price. The Giants haven’t quite stated what they would like to do about Bradshaw going forward. However, the other New York team might be in the mix as well.

Speaking on the NFL AM show yesterday, Bradshaw brought up the New York Jets as a team he would be interested in joining as well. Bradshaw clearly loves being in the New York metropolitan area and wants to stay. The Jets, however, have no interest in signing Bradshaw even at a cheap price.

Teams will look to see if Bradshaw’s foot is 100% before they make a move on him. Even after it gets 100%, teams will probably be scared to give him much money because the problems can resurface. There are many teams in the league that can definitely use Bradshaw. He’s a quality blocker in pass protection, and he’s a tough runner.

Speaking of the Jets, wouldn’t you take Bradshaw over RB Shonn Greene and RB Bilal Powell? Even though Bradshaw is older, I definitely would. Greene has shown absolutely nothing so far in the NFL. Powell has been somewhat productive, and he’s still getting better. Time will tell if he becomes a quality back.

The Jets can definitely use the toughness Bradshaw brings. Bradshaw doesn’t lay down for any defensive player, and the Jets and most definitely head coach Rex Ryan can use a lot of that for his fragile football team. It’ll be interesting to see if the Jets change their stance on Bradshaw. They do need major upgrading on offense. Getting Bradshaw for cheap would only help.

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