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Dallas Cowboys’ Meeting With MADD Shows Jason Garrett’s Incompetence

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While most folks are applauding the Dallas Cowboys for meeting with representatives fro Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) with a polite golf clap, we’re here to shed some light on the subject. This is a joke and it shows just how incompetent all of the Cowboys’ officials are when it comes to disciplining their players, especially head coach Jason Garrett. If it takes meeting with a special organization specifically designed to prevent drunk driving for a professional football team to get something done, there is something seriously wrong with that club.

First of all, the Cowboys don’t have a lot of off-the-field incidents besides Dez Bryant‘s bi-annual childlike tantrum. Josh Brent and Jay Ratliff were both arrested for drunk driving this offseason and both players’ blood alcohol levels were twice the legal limit at the time of the arrests. In addition, Brent’s incident included a crash that killed his teammate, Jerry Brown, which is likely what really spurred the meeting with MADD.

As mentioned, the Cowboys don’t have a ton of problems with the law and these two incidents could have been avoided if Garrett practiced what he preaches. The Cowboys’ spineless head coach tells the media that his team will be disciplined and that he’s dropping the hammer, yet his team is one of the NFL‘s most penalized and then there are incidents like the ones mentioned above.

Maybe Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones has finally realized that Garrett is incompetent and he’s slowly taking away the coach’s power (not that he had any to begin with). He’s already stripped Garrett of his play-calling duties so hopefully (fingers, toes and eyes all crossed) Jones will relieve Garrett of his position altogether soon. If this little incident isn’t a clear indication that Garrett isn’t cut out for the job, especially after all the other episodes the Cowboys have been through during his tenure, then I don’t know what is.

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