NFL Rumors: Only a Third Round Pick for Percy Harvin?

By Andrew Fisher

The hottest topic across the NFL this week has no doubt been Percy Harvin’s status with the Minnesota Vikings. Will they trade him? Will he hold out for a new deal? Does he hate Leslie Frazier? There are way more questions than answers at this point.

However, the latest rumors suggest that the return value for Harvin in a trade could only be a third round draft pick. reported that a league executive was quoted as saying that’s all Minnesota should expect for the talented wide out.

Really? A third round pick for a guy who was in the MVP conversation midway through last season?

If this is the reality, I don’t know why the Vikings would deal Harvin. That’s just not enough in return. In my opinion, Minnesota should not take less than a second-rounder and another late-round pick. Preferably, they would get a first round pick straight up, but that just seems unlikely at this point. Some team would really have to want Harvin bad to give up a first-rounder, and after this latest report, it’s pretty safe to assume that won’t happen.

In addition to these latest trade talks, there are also reports that say Harvin’s relationship with Frazier is not as bad as it’s being made out to be. This would be great news for Vikings’ fans, as many have already written Harvin off. I don’t think there’s anyone in Minneapolis who really wants to see Harvin leave town. Best case scenario for Minnesota – they pay him, and he stays happy playing for the purple and gold.

One thing is for sure, the sooner the team decides to re-sign or trade him, the better.


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