Nick Foles A Good Option For The Kansas City Chiefs

By Bryan Zarpentine
Howard Smith – US Presswire

When Andy Reid took over as the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, many pondered whether quarterback Michael Vick might also leave the Philadelphia Eagles and join Reid in Kansas City.  With Vick restructuring his contract to stay in Philadelphia, that option is out the question, but there may be another quarterback that could follow Reid from Philadelphia to Kansas City, and that’s Nick Foles.

Obviously, Foles isn’t the top choice for the Chiefs at quarterback next year, with Alex Smith and Matt Flynn being the biggest targets for any team seeking a veteran quarterback.  But do the Chiefs want to go after another quarterback that has had a brief period of success, the way they traded for Matt Cassell after he had one good season.  The new coaching staff in Kansas City may not be wise to use the same method in finding a quarterback that the old coaching staff used, which eventually led to an inept offense and a two-win season in 2012.

This makes Foles a curious option for the Chiefs, as he’s not a veteran of the league that’s had a few good games over the course of several years, but a young player with some promise entering his second year in the league.  As a rookie last year, Foles ended up playing in seven games, completing 61% of his passes and throwing for 1,700 yards.  Although the results in terms of wins and losses weren’t good for Foles, much of that doesn’t fall on him; and he did end up with a positive touchdown to interception ratio.

Compared to the quarterbacks available in this year’s draft, Foles compares favorably to most of them.  After all, Reid must have seen something he liked to draft Foles in the third round last year, knowing that Vick was both an injury risk and an aging quarterback.

Foles obviously has more NFL experience than any of the quarterbacks available in the draft; his salary would be cheaper than anybody Kansas City drafts in the first or second round, and Philadelphia would probably be willing to part with him for a reasonable price in a trade.  When you think about it, bringing Foles to Kansas City and letting him continue to develop under Reid makes a lot of sense.

After all, the Chiefs are going to have the third best quarterback in the AFC West no matter what they do.  Besides, for a team that’s merely trying to make the transition from pathetic to respectable, taking a flyer on a guy like Foles makes a lot more sense than investing millions in a top draft pick.


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