Tennessee Titans make a move for Chris Canty

By Jeremy Hayes
chris canty titans
Andrew Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Could the “full cage” sign with the Tennessee Titans? Defensive tackle Chris Canty has visited with the Titans and it is reported that a contract is in place for him if he chooses to accept it. He was recently cut by the New York Giants due to salary issues, and as a cut player, he is currently open to be signed.

Canty, coming into his ninth year in the NFL, played nine games last season and managed to record three sacks with 20 total tackles. Statistics are always misleading and low for defensive tackles, but he is still not an elite threat on the defensive line, though he is a player that can start and also add depth to the team.

The Titans were 24th in the league for rushing yards against them, and their defensive line seems to have no flare at all. This will be Canty’s first time to be the big name on the field. Besides Kamerion Wimbley on the edge, Canty is the only pretty well-known lineman on the team. No disrespect to Derrick Morgan, who actually looks like he can get into his first round form this season, but Canty could make him better than he is right now.

All teams who play the 4-3 defense would love to have a good pass-rushing defensive tackle. Canty may not get the sacks, but he can still put pressure on the ball.

If he does sign with the Titans, it may attract more defensive talent around the league as their defense starts looking better, but it’s one step at a time because the Titans have a lot of work to do in free agency.


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