The St. Louis Rams Should Re-Sign Danny Amendola

By Scott DelleFave
Danny Amendola
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams and soon to be free agent wide receiver Danny Amendola would be wise to agree to terms. Amendola should be called “Lion Heart”  because he played the 2012 season severely injured. Amendola suffered a dislocated clavicle and in a rare case, instead of the clavicle popping out, the clavicle popped in and came millimeters from puncturing his trachea and aorta, which could have killed him.

Trainers for the Rams weren’t exactly certain when his return would be if it was this season or not. In nothing short of a miracle, Amendola returned after only three weeks, and had an excellent game versus the San Francisco 49ers by having 11 catches for 106 yards. Overall in his 2012 campaign he had 63 catches for 666 yards and three touchdowns in 11 games.

If nothing else this guy is an inspiration in perseverance, and his guts should be commended and awarded with another contract in St. Louis. I wouldn’t break the bank for him, but a 5-year, 15-20 million dollar deal wouldn’t be out of the realm of the strange, and it would help quarterback Sam Bradford infinitely.

The Rams have two young wide receivers in second year player Brian Quick and veteran Brandon Gibson, but those two don’t have that special spark like Amendola. If he doesn’t get resigned by the Rams, divisional rivals such as the Arizona Cardinals could come knocking since they have been looking for a number two wide receiver (after Anquan Boldin was sent packing) and he would be an excellent compliment to Larry Fitzgerald.

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