Would Charles Woodson Be a Fit with the Chicago Bears?

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One of the Green Bay Packers most value players over the past several seasons has been Charles Woodson. Rumor has it that the Packers may not bring the former Heisman Trophy winner back in 2013. Considering the problems the Chicago Bears face at safety, Woodson would potentially solve those issues.

Now I know what you’re thinking,

Woodson is old and his better days are behind him.

And that is certainly a valid concern. But as a safety, his football IQ is invaluable. Considering how dumb the Bears safeties are on a regular basis, Woodson would bring leadership to the table. Quite frankly, the Bears safeties don’t fail from a lack of talent; they’re just not very good at football. With the Bears defense not getting any younger and the window closing for this group of Bears, Woodson’s presence would make things a whole lot more stable. Woodson is just too good of a football player for the Bears not to consider.

OK, I will also admit that signing Woodson away from the Packers would be very cool. The stockholders would have a really difficult time accepting that Woodson is a Bear. Just like they’ve turned their collective backs on Brett Favre, Woodson would face a similar fate. Can you imagine all the Packers fans not knowing what to do with their Woodson jerseys? On the flip side, can you imagine Bears fans flaunting the signing of Woodson? It would be a beautiful thing. The Packers faithful will turn on him like Ryan Braun turns on everyone to pass a drug test.

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