Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Situation: Kevin Kolb or John Skelton?

By Mark Donatiello
Mark Rebilas – US PRESSWIRE

Kevin Kolb is signed to a six-year deal worth $62 million, which probably needs to be reworked by the Arizona Cardinals as he continues to battle for a job with John Skelton.

After generating quite a buzz in minimal playing time with the Philadelphia Eagles, Kevin Kolb’s contract offer was rather presumptuous on the part of the Arizona Cardinals. Let’s assume contract issues don’t play a role in the quarterback controversy the Arizona Cardinals currently have. With one of the best wide receivers in football lined up on the outside, the Cardinals must see past the politics and start the most talented quarterback.

John Skelton is a former 5th-round draft pick of the Arizona Cardinals. At age 24, he has three seasons with the Arizona Cardinals already under his belt. With a record of 8-9 and a completion percentage hovering around 53%, Skelton’s performance has been underwhelming. 25 interceptions, as compared to just 15 touchdown passes, give limited explanation as to why he might be the starting quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals.

Kevin Kolb is expensive, but he’s shown flashes of greatness over the years.  A completion percentage near 60% is more acceptable for an NFL quarterback than Skelton’s Tim Tebow-like numbers. With 28 touchdowns and the same 25 interceptions, Kolb has clearly performed better in his six years in the NFL than Skelton in his three.

By the numbers, the fact that the Arizona Cardinals have a quarterback controversy at all is a bit troubling. John Skelton is not an NFL-caliber quarterback, but Kevin Kolb might be. Hopefully, new coach Bruce Arians sees through the muddled quarterback situation that the Cardinals have created in recent years, and sticks with the proven NFL talent – or brings in someone new to start his tenure as head coach with.

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