Can Marc Trestman Make Jay Cutler an Elite Quarterback?


The Chicago Bears will go to all kinds of lengths to develop Jay Cutler. They’ve been through three offensive coordinators and now a new head coach. Marc Trestman has a reputation of being a quarterback maker. His latest project will be the highly talented but inconsistent Cutler.

Bears fans have found a million excuses on why Cutler hasn’t become the elite quarterback the Bears gave up a lot to get. Some of the concerns like the offensive line, skill positions and coaching certainly are valid. With Trestman taking over the helm of the Bears, Cutler has a coach that understands and has a track record with offenses. Through this hure, the Bears are sending a message to Cutler. We want you here and want you to be elite. It is the right message entering Cutler’s contract year.

I’m beyond excited for 2013 (and those of you that know me know that I usually am the angry and pessimistic fan). Trestman was the right hire and the thought process in his hiring proves that the Bears are taking this thing a whole new direction. For years, the Bears have been a defensive minded organization. The last three head coaches were former defensive coordinators, so Trestman is way out of the comfort zone.

Considering Mike Ditka was a special teams coordinator with the Dallas Cowboys before becoming Da Coach, the Bears finally got the message that things needed to change. Lovie Smith was a good NFL coach, but just never made offense a priority.

So to answer the original question, Trestman has other factors he needs to correct. This would include getting at least two tight ends, two more wide receivers and a revamped offensive line. If these things do not happen, Cutler will continue to struggle. While Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte certainly are great and good respectively, the Bears have zero help from anyone else.

I’m not sure if Trestman can make wine out of the crap on the roster, but he certainly seems like the right man for the job. But if the Bears hope to win a Super Bowl, it starts at quarterback. So now let’s see if Trestman has his guy.

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