Dallas Cowboys' Jason Garrett is Confused About What Makes a "Good Offense"

By Jeric Griffin
jason garrett good offense
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Members of the media suffered through an agonizing press conference by Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett on Wednesday, during which he talked a lot but didn’t really say anything. Here’s a brief recap: Bill Callahan will call the Cowboys’ offensive plays in 2013 even though Garrett is pretending like that decision isn’t final. However, what we got out of the press conference is that Garrett has absolutely no clue what makes a “good offense.”

When cornered about it, Garrett will suggest that his offense is one of the league’s best, and it is, in terms of yardage gained. Dallas’ offense ranked sixth in the NFL this past season with an average of 374 total yards per game. However, the Cowboys were 15th in offensive points, which, the last time I checked, was the only thing that mattered.

Garrett is also quick to point out that Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has been very successful under him. That’s true to some degree, but who cares? Sure, Romo threw for a career-high 4,900 yards this past season, but did anybody pay attention to it? No. Why? Because Dallas was an embarrassing 8-8. I hate to break it to you, Jason, but team and player yardage totals don’t mean diddly squat.

Do you understand the level of stupidity that is the Cowboys’ leadership? Is it easier for you to comprehend why this team is doomed before it steps onto the field every week? This man has absolutely no idea what’s going on, yet he’s in charge of the NFL’s most valuable football franchise (seriously, Forbes estimated the Cowboys are worth upwards of $2 billion).

Callahan taking over the play-calling certainly doesn’t guarantee the Cowboys will start turning all these yards into points, but it definitely can’t make things any worse. The Cowboys haven’t had a top-five offense in terms of points scored since 2007 and guess what! They went 13-3 that year! Shocking, I know. Cowboys fans, keep your fingers crossed that Callahan is at least a tad smarter than Garrett, which isn’t saying much, Princeton education and all.

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