Denver Broncos Will Be The Top Team In 2013 NFL Preseason Rankings

By Mark Stringer
Ron Chenoy – US Today Sports

The Denver Broncos fell short of their goal in 2012, but vastly improved from years before and will be the top 2013 NFL team to beat. Yes, the Baltimore Ravens deserve to be the top team in the power rankings, but don’t be shocked to see the Broncos atop the NFL power rankings come preseason.

You can bet the top three teams will be the Broncos, Ravens, and San Francisco 49ers, but who will be No. 1?

I could see the Broncos landing that top spot because of Ray Lewis‘ retirement and the fact that they have the best QB of those three teams. That said, Peyton Manning has had a year to get familiar with his new team and they have had a year to get familiar with him. The Broncos will be that much better because of the more time to prepare as a team for next year.

If the Broncos can land just another piece or two through free agency or the NFL draft, they will be really tough for opponents to deal with for at least three or four more years. There have been rumors that Minnesota Vikings WR Percy Harvin may be moved and if he lands in Denver, it’s hard to imagine how good the Broncos’ offense could be.

Either way, year two of the Manning era in Denver will be something special, and they will either be at the top of the power rankings as early as the first day or they will find their way to the top very quickly. However, the only thing that matters to the Broncos is a Super Bowl title.

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