Jacksonville Jaguars 2013 Draft Class Should Feature Substance Over Style

By Joey Farbo
Jacksonville Jaguars Dave Caldwell
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The new regime running the Jacksonville Jaguars is in a unique position to drastically improve the future of this franchise immediately by doing a good job in this year’s NFL Draft.

While the draft class this year does not possess the flashy big names at the top, it does possess a significant amount of depth at some of the positions that the Jaguars have a significant need for improvement. This year the Jaguars have four of the first 95 picks and if new general manager Dave Caldwell does a good job in the draft this year, he has a chance to walk away with four or five solid football players that could be starters for the next five years.

While most Jaguars fans would like to see the team swing for the fences with their draft picks this year in an attempt to get significantly better quickly, the players available do not necessarily make that an attractive strategy. The Jaguars are not likely to be playoff contenders next year no matter who they draft, a mistake the previous regime continually was making thinking that they were only a few players away from contention. That strategy led to several reaches and aggressively moving up and giving up valuable picks. That strategy also led to several more misses than hits.

The new Jaguars front office sees this team for what it really is, a team that at best is probably two years away from contention. With that in mind, the Jaguars need to make sure they leave this year’s draft with a solid core of future starters that will be key contributors in a few years when the team is ready to contend for championships.

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