Minnesota Vikings Picking up Option on Leslie Frazier's Contract Speaks Volumes

By Andrew Fisher

As reported yesterday, Leslie Frazier has a new deal in place with the Minnesota Vikings, kind of. Contrary to widespread belief, Frazier did not sign a brand new contract, instead the team has picked up his option for the 2014 season. Long story short, the Vikings are only committed to Frazier for the next two seasons. This certainly speaks volumes on the situation, but should it be perceived negatively?

While some may be disappointed with this news, I don’t view it as a negative thing. I interpret it to mean that the Vikings think they have their man with Frazier, but they’re just not 100% sure yet. Frazier no doubt deserves the extra year he’s been granted. Any coach who takes a team from three wins to 10 wins should get rewarded. However, the reality is that it’s only one season of work.

To me, this is the franchise saying to Frazier that they need one more year like 2012 before they’re willing to bust out the big money. I think that’s fair, especially considering the doubts surrounding the head coach only one calendar year ago.

Right now, Leslie Frazier is the man for the job in Minnesota. He’s the respected leader of the team, he’s righted the ship, but he still has a long way to go. Things can change in heartbeat in the NFL, so if the Vikings somehow tank in 2013, management would then look foolish to have re-upped him to long-term deal. What they did was make the safe move, and I can respect that.

If Frazier leads the Vikings back to playoffs next season, I’m fully confident he’ll get his lucrative long-term deal.


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