NFL Rumors: Could Greg Jennings Be Headed to Miami Dolphins?

By Mark Donatiello
Jeff Hanisch – US PRESSWIRE

Greg Jennings has said that he isn’t ruling out any teams during his upcoming free agency, and that includes the Miami Dolphins.  Jennings went as far as to say he’d even be open to playing for the Minnesota Vikings, arch rival of his current team, the Green Bay Packers.  It seems unlikely that after an injury-plagued 2012 campaign, the Packers, loaded with wide receiver depth, will bring back an expensive, aging wide receiver.  One team’s trash may be another’s treasure, as the Dolphins still haven’t found a top receiver after letting Brandon Marshall go.

Jennings can be an elite receiving talent when healthy, though receiving passes from Aaron Rodgers in an elite offense may have distorted his value a bit.  The Dolphins desperately need a top receiver, particularly one with Jennings’ character, and they have plenty of cap space.  It seems like a match made in heaven.

Ryan Tannehill proved himself to be a capable NFL quarterback without much talent on the outside to help him.  The rushing attack was solid, but with Reggie Bush potentially hitting the free agent market as well, the Dolphins offense could be desperate for top-end skill position players.  Bringing in a new number one wide receiver for Tannehill will certainly ease some of the pressure on their young quarterback, while opening the offense and lending balance to an unstable team.

Still, do the Dolphins want to get into a bidding war with the Vikings, among others, for an oft-injured Jennings who turns 30 in September?

Assuming Jennings is healthy, he could be a great fit in Miami as acquiring skill position players with the cap space the Dolphins have built up should be a priority.  Still, Jennings comes with risk.  He missed most of the 2012 season, will be an expensive signing, and has only seen Rodgers passes in a high-flying attack.  Even if the Dolphins sign him, it seems unlikely that he could replicate the kind of success he saw in Green Bay.

While the Dolphins could benefit from signing Jennings, it wouldn’t be the worst thing for them if they missed out on the Jennings sweepstakes.  As the division becomes more mediocre, the Dolphins cannot sacrifice their future now.

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