Indianapolis Colts: Jinx to be Honored on Poster Outside of Lucas Oil Stadium?

By Eric Smith
Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

It’s usually a great accomplishment to be honored by your team in or around your home stadium. The home of the Indianapolis Colts is Lucas Oil Stadium and for those who have never been to the stadium there’s four murals or posters on the outside of it. There’s two on of each corner on the North side and two on the South side.

If I were a Colts player I would think twice about letting the team put a graphic up of me on Lucas Oil Stadium.

When the stadium first opened in 2008, the Colts put Peyton Manning, Bob Sanders, Dwight Freeney and Dallas Clark on it. Well, none of those four remain with the team and saw injuries hamper their chances of returning to the franchise.

Sanders, was the first to be taken down after he was released with the team in 2010 due to several injuries suffered. When he wasn’t hurt he made this team so much better and earned his spot on the stadium.

Just two years later Manning and Clark were both released by the Colts due to injuries as well.

Obviously everyone knows the Manning story and likely remembers the Clark story as well. The veteran tight end was often injury prone near the end of his tenure in Indianapolis and struggled mightily in 2011. The Colts parted ways with them 11 months ago.

Freeney, was the last member of the Colts to be honored on the mural and stick around. He too was injury prone once put on the mural and a combination of the injuries, decline of production and money owed were the reasons the Colts had to part ways.

Right now the only player on the current murals still on the team is Reggie Wayne. If I were Wayne I’d want that to be taken down immediately. He’s getting right in the age and time frame to where the jinx happened to these guys.

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