NFL Rumors: Could Tim Tebow Be the Next Arizona Cardinals Quarterback?

By Mark Donatiello

Tim Tebow was spotted in Arizona last month and Fox Sports ran with it, claiming that rumors were swirling that the Arizona Cardinals could be pursuing a trade for the quarterback after he spent most of last season on the bench. While all things Tebow draws controversy and interest, it seems unlikely that new coach Bruce Arians would spring for such a controversial figure when he already has a quarterback controversy brewing.

Still, Tim Tebow could be a great fit for the Arizona Cardinals as they rebuild – at least to bridge the gap until an actual quarterback comes to Arizona.

The Cardinals have a similar formula to what worked for Tebow in Denver. They have a solid defense that buckled under the pressure put on them by the ineptitude of their offense, which could benefit from a possession offense like what Tebow’s rushing attack could bring.  A floundering offense in need of a jump start and some personality would also improve under the motivational presence of Tebow.

Unfortunately, Arians would need to rework his entire offense to accommodate a quarterback like Tebow. Going from a pocket passer like Andrew Luck to a quarterback that is more of a rushing threat than a viable passing option would be an extremely difficult transition for a new coach trying to make a name for himself.  Further, the hysteria that Tebow causes in the media wouldn’t benefit a new coach.

Still, Tebow throws a great deep ball, and Larry Fitzgerald is one of the best receivers in the game when it comes to going up and getting passes. The offense is horrible as it is, so Tebow really couldn’t make things much worse for the Cardinals.

While it seems like an unlikely scenario to play out given the desire of a new coach to start off fresh and the treacherous waters that come with Tebow, do the Cardinals really have anything to lose? Why not make a play for one of the game’s winning quarterbacks, who throws a decent deep ball, and could take the pressure off a talented defense?

It seems silly to say it, but Tim Tebow might be a better option at quarterback than either Kevin Kolb or John Skelton.

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