Solving the Issues with the Oakland Raiders Offense

By Josh Walfish
Jeremy Brevard- USA TODAY Sports

For all the issues the Oakland Raiders had on offense, the organization did address the concerns in the off-season.

The Raiders replaced offensive coordinator Greg Knapp with Greg Olson, who told the media earlier this week that he would focus more on playing to the strengths of running back Darren McFadden. The biggest change he’s instituting is to go back to the power blocking scheme in which McFadden had his most success. One of the main reasons the offensive line struggled so much last season was the fact they were running a zone-blocking scheme which the line wasn’t built to execute.

The change in philosophy is the first step in fixing the problems with the Oakland offense. The power blocking scheme should better suit the offensive line and McFadden should have a better season because of it. However, the big thing the Raiders must address to fix the offense is establish who will be lining up under center next season. Carson Palmer was a dependable option last season, but Terrelle Pryor has a lot of upside and has more tools to utilize.

Olson said he was going to give both quarterbacks a good look in training camp, but at some point the Raiders must define their offensive identity. Will they stick to more of a traditional offense run by the immobile Palmer or go to more of the pistol or read option offense run by the athletic Pryor. Either way the only way to fix the Raiders offense is to establish a new identity and stick to it for 17 weeks and beyond.

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