Tennessee Titans Need To Re-sign Tight End Jared Cook

By Ben Grimaldi
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans are like many of the teams in the NFL, they have plenty of decisions to make about players about to enter free agency. One of those players for the Titans is tight end Jared Cook and they need to re-sign him.

Cook has the tools teams are looking for in today’s NFL. He’s got the size, the speed and the athleticism to shine, but the Titans continue to under-use him. He tied for the team lead in touchdowns with four, despite only having 44 catches. If the Titans used him more, Cook could blossom into one of the games best tight end because he’s a match-up nightmare. At the very least though, the Titans can ill afford to lose Cook since he’s led all Titans tight ends in catches, yards and touchdowns in the past two seasons.

The Titans also don’t have anyone behind Cook capable of taking over as the number one tight end. Their next best option would be to put Craig Stevens in as the starting tight end and the fifth year player has never caught more than 275 yards in a single season, so he doesn’t seem to be a great fit as the starter. The Titans could use a high draft pick on a tight end but they have too many other holes to fill rather than to use a premium pick on a tight end.

The Titans need to re-sign Cook and feature him more in the offense. He would take defenders away from their down-field threats like Kenny Britt and Kendall Wright and that would also free up some space for Chris Johnson. The tight end is usually known as the quarterbacks best friend and using Cook more would also help Jake Locker be a better player. He can gain confidence making shorter throws to a target he knows, and trust is always key with quarterbacks and their receivers.

Jared Cook can be one of the better tight ends in the NFL, he just needs to be used more. The Titans need to feature him in the offense and to do that, they need to re-sign him.

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