Andy Reid will Lead Kansas City Chiefs Out of the Cellar

By Andrew Fisher
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After an off-season with an especially long game of ‘coaching musical chairs,’ the Kansas City Chiefs may have the landed the best coach. Andy Reid will take over the NFL‘s worst team heading into the 2013 season, and I’m confident they’ll be out of the proverbial cellar in no time.

Sure, Reid has never won a Super Bowl, but he has a proven track record as a winner. The last couple of seasons in Philly certainly didn’t go the way he or the team wanted, but a fresh start is just what the doctor ordered. All of that pressure to win now in Philly, is gone. Let’s be honest, the Chiefs can’t really get much worse, so any improvement will be welcomed by the KC faithful.

The first thing Reid does for the Chiefs, is give them an identity. Under Romeo Crennel, KC just never really had much of one. He was a defensive coach, but that was never what you thought of when you looked at the Chiefs. They were just a bad football team, under leadership from a guy who’s best served as a coordinator.

Reid being in charge immediately changes the culture by giving the team some credibility. Although the Chiefs are a bad football team, they have some very talented players and Reid will maximize the potential in all of them. I really don’t think they were as bad as their two-win record indicated, and with Reid in charge, they would have won a few more games.

First things first, Reid must do what he does best and develop a new quarterback. Rumors are swirling that he wants to bring in Nick Foles, which would be an upgrade in my book. Brady Quinn won’t be re-signed, and Matt Cassel is just not good. I’d really like to see Reid and Foles continue their relationship in Kansas City.

The work will start at the quarterback position for Reid. If he can upgrade there, the Chiefs are automatically a better team. If you’re a team with issues at QB, Andy Reid is a guy who can fix it.

I predict the Reid-led Chiefs will easily get out the cellar in 2013, but will fall short of the playoffs. However, in a couple years don’t be surprised to see a playoff game from Arrowhead stadium, or to see Reid with a coach of the year trophy.


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