Denver Broncos Offseason Meetings: Free Agency

By Joe Morrone
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos brass started their planning meetings for the upcoming free agent period and the draft. It’s always a delicate balance between trying to win now while still keeping an eye on the future. That balance is even tougher for John Elway and the front office of the Broncos.

It’s easy, especially for the fans, to say go for it and don’t worry about the future. However that’s not the job of Elway, his job is to put the best team on the field in 2013 while also thinking about 2016. That’s what good executives do. However it is safe to say that the Broncos know their window with Peyton Manning is a short one, and they will do everything in their power to put the best team on the field this September. Let’s take a look at the discussions that might be going on in the cave, as Elway calls it, at Dove Valley.

Free agency comes first so those are probably the discussions that are taking place as we speak. While it is fun to talk about the big names, the Broncos have to balance a number of things before deciding who to pursue. The number one criteria in is can the player make the Broncos better? If that answer is yes, then they move on to the rest of the questions starting with the fit into the locker room. It’s corny but the Broncos are a tight team with a good locker room, Elway is not going to mess that up by signing “bad guys.” Elway’s first goal when he took over was to fix the locker room, he’s done that and that is a big reason for their success.

If those two things fit, then the question must be asked does that player fit into the salary cap and the salary structure of the Broncos? This is the area that most fans do not want to hear about but it’s important. The Broncos would love to sign Wes Welker, Charles Woodson, Ed Reed, Steven Jackson and so on but that’s impossible. Without speaking for them because I can’t, it is my belief that the Broncos will sign one big name and then fill in with some second tier free agents.

The Broncos will go through the process with each and every free agent; the ones that they believe would fit the Broncos will be brought in for visits. As we saw last year, if Elway wants someone to play for the Broncos then chances are very good that they will be wearing an orange uniform. Free agency is about today, the draft is about tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, come back for a look at the Broncos probable approach to the draft in April.

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