Indianapolis Colts: Robert Mathis Hinting to Blockbuster Offseason Moves for Team

By Eric Smith
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Mathis is arguably one of the biggest leaders on the Indianapolis Colts. He’s led this teams defense quietly for nearly during his 10 year tenure in the NFL. Last year, he took a chance to re-sign with this team and personally took the word rebuilding to heart.

Nearly all of the media said the Colts would finish in the bottom five of the league and would be lucky to win four games. They pointed to a whole new front office, coaching staff and no experience on both sides of the ball. How could this team win without Peyton Manning, Jeff Saturday, Dallas Clark, Joseph Addai, Gary Brackett, Melvin Bullitt and others? What kind of production would they get with a rookie throwing to Reggie Wayne lining up in different spots on the field for the first time in his career? After all, Wayne came off of his worst statistical season of his career in 2011.

Then, how would this defense stop anyone when their two best players are in new roles of outside linebackers which is something they’ve never played? They can’t stop anyone playing a 3-4 scheme with base 4-3 players.

Mathis, took all of that talk to heart and didn’t want to use that “R” word. He said they were “building a monster” and would show the critics up. When they clinched a playoff spot at Kansas City he took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with the members of the media who picked against them. He again did so in the playoffs saying it wasn’t a fluke they won 11 games.

This is a new role for Mathis. The once soft spoken quiet leader is making some noise. He tweeted three days ago “You all will have 2 excuse me but for the next week, I will enter recruit mode because the Lombardi needs a Naptown homecoming #weGotnext.” He also said in the tweet right before that, “Currently seeking Monsters 2 help deliver beatdowns & bring your own drumsticks b/c #TheDrumm (L.O.S) will be provided! #OperationXLVIII.”‘

After all of that he went on a roll last night tweeting codes about players he’d like the Colts to sign in free agency. I’d like to preface this by saying the Colts have a league high in cap room to sign free agents and could possibly get up to four guys.

This was Mathis’ first tweet last night, “I can give 20 reasons why the Colts have potential for a serious SB push. It’s a mental game and we simply need to reed between the lines lol.” That tells me he’s wanting former Baltimore Ravens safety and now free agent Ed Reed who by the way wore No. 20 with the Ravens. That would be intriguing as Reed played under Colts head coach Chuck Pagano with the Ravens as Pagano was the defensive coordinator.

Their relationship also goes a bit further.

Reed, played his college ball at Miami (Fl) with Wayne. Pagano, recruited both of them and had a very deep relationship with the duo. Reed coming to Indy’s defense makes a ton of sense.

That wasn’t the only player Mathis mentioned though. He tweeted this right after, “Nothing like real gridiron gladiators…the kind that will bring a bowe n arrow to a gun fight lol.” To those that didn’t get that he was talking about former Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe.

Bowe, is a free agent and is a big physical receiver who the Colts could use. Indianapolis has only three receivers returning to the team in ’13 as both Donnie Avery and Austin Collie are free agents. I don’t look for them to bring either back so a receiver is a must. Bowe makes a ton of sense and he could help this offense tremendously.

This has created a bit of a buzz in Indy as his tweets have Colts fans daydreaming about what could be with having stars coming for Indianapolis for once. If the Colts can get these type of caliber players there’s no reason they can’t be a favorite to win the Super Bowl in the upcoming season.

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