It's Put Up or Shut Up Time For Sam Bradford

By Scott DelleFave
Sam Bradford
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams have been one of the worst franchises in the league in recent years. When they had the number one overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft,  they took their franchise quarterback in Sam Bradford. So far he has failed to live up to his hype. In three years with the Rams, Bradford has thrown for 9,378 yards, 45 touchdowns, 34 interceptions and what’s most disappointing of all is that his record in games is a disappointing 15-26-1. Those aren’t exactly franchise quarterback numbers by any stretch of the imagination. Now it is his fourth year in the league and if he doesn’t get a winning record this year, the Rams could be looking for a new signal caller come 2014.

Bradford wouldn’t get this much scrutiny if he wasn’t the last big money rookie quarterback draft pick, as he signed a 6-year, $78 million contract with $50 million of it guaranteed and all he had to do was reach a specific snap limit and he’s already gotten past that mark. His contract is arguably one of the worst in NFL history especially for the amount of production he has had over the years. However, Bradford can’t be totally faulted. Since it was the last year of the old Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Rams are just as responsible by offering the aforementioned absurdly large contract. Apparently, the Rams had an out this year as the Cleveland Browns were willing to give up pick number four in the 2012 NFL Draft for his services, little did the Rams know how good Robert Griffin III was going to be, and he would have been likely better due to playing indoors for at least eight games a year, yikes for other teams.

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