Philadelphia Eagles: Pat Shurmur Is A Smart Hire

By OJ Spivey
David Richard-USA Today

When Chip Kelly was hired to coach the Philadelphia Eagles, few thought it would take a while to complete his coaching staff. It became a guessing game to most because Kelly came straight from the college ranks and therefore, predicting who his assistants would be was a tall task.

Many have major questions about Kelly’s staff with the only true familiar face to Eagles Nation is the recently promoted running backs coach Duce Staley who had very productive career for the franchise as a ball carrier from 1997-2003. I fully expect Staley to help get current running back LeSean McCoy back to a Pro Bowl level.

The other face that should be no stranger to Philly fans is offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur who was let go as Cleveland Browns head coach after a two-year tenure. Shurmur first joined the Eagles organization as tight ends coach in 1999 and then for the quarterbacks from 2002-2008.

Although Shurmur didn’t have any success in Cleveland, he should prove to be good hire. Kelly of course has no pro experience whatsoever, so bringing in someone who was once an NFL head coach is a no-brainer. I’m pretty sure Shurmur has told Kelly how much faster the NFL game is as opposed to college.

Shurmur will have the title of OC, but more importantly, he’ll help Kelly prepare for in-game adjustments, how the games are officiated, the art of throwing a challenge flag and much more. All are essential parts of staying one step ahead as an head coach at the NFL level. As some may call the acquisition of Shurmur as simply a figure head knowing he that Kelly will call all the plays, I call it an intelligent move.

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