Re-signing Josh Freeman Needs to be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Number One Priority

By Scott DelleFave
Josh Freeman
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been suspiciously quiet this off-season in the way of re-signing their own talent which could be cause of some concern as it seems like they haven’t even talked to their franchise quarterback, Josh Freeman. Without question he needs to be their number one priority, as if they don’t re-sign him sooner than later, it will only cost the team more and more. Franchise tagging him will cost nearly $15 million and it’ll only make Freeman more upset, however if the  Buccaneers don’t franchise tag him and seem this quiet, Freeman will hit the open market and several teams will spend the money to lure him away or simply they will drive up the cost for Tampa Bay. If Freeman somehow were to walk away, this would set the Buccaneers’ franchise back at least five years.What his contractual value is right now is iffy because he has been extremely streaky throughout his career, however a 5-year, $45 million deal with just over half of it guaranteed is an extremely fair deal for both parties concerned.

While Freeman isn’t an elite quarterback just yet, he is above average though and it is unknown what has caused what looks like to be a significant regression from the 2010 season. In four seasons, Freeman has amassed 12,963 yards, 78 touchdowns and 63 interceptions, including 4,065 passing yards this past season. What’s intriguing about him is that he’s a huge quarterback (6′ 6″ 240 lbs.) with an NFL sized arm and also he has just turned 25 years old  in January, so he is still extremely fixable if a different team’s coach thinks he wants to bring him in.

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