Cleveland Browns: Pros and Cons To Jarvis Jones

By Ryan Ruiz
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In the next couple of months, help is on the way for the Cleveland Browns‘ new defense. Junior linebacker Jarvis Jones from the Georgia Bulldogs could be one of the reinforcements. If he is anything like Von Miller of the Denver Broncos, which experts are comparing him to, I’ll take him.

Here are some positives to grabbing Jones in the first round with the sixth overall pick. At 6’2″ and 240 lbs, this kid plays fast and explosive. Jones has a knack for stripping the football loose. With his edge quickness, this is exactly what the Browns are looking for in their elite pass rusher. Jones’ bull rushing capabilities cannot be underestimated either. The youngster has extreme athleticism and can drop back in to coverage naturally. I really like his long arms that display a monstrous wingspan. Jones without a doubt would fit what the Browns are trying to do defensively.

However, with the pros come the cons. At times, many people have questioned his work ethic and dedication. In the NFL, if a player doesn’t work hard, they are gone real quick. Although they are very teachable, Jones lacks multiple pass rushing moves and relies on his quickness too much to get around tackles.

But, perhaps the most disheartening thing is what happened to him in 2009. Jones was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. This was the main reason that Jones transferred to Georgia after his freshman year of college. The Southern California Trojans‘ doctors would not clear Jones to play so he made the move to Georgia. How NFL teams determine his medical grade will control Jones’ draft stock. This could be Da’Quan Bowers all over again.

The crank is tightly turning in Cleveland and this is yet another draft that is of crucial importance. Whoever the Browns pick at six, he must be an impact starter from day one. Jones may be too much of a risk for Cleveland.

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