Gary Brown Wants DeMarco Murray to be Elite

By Jesus Flores
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports


The ink on Garry Brown’s contract hasn’t dried yet, but he already has plans for DeMarco Murray.

The Dallas Cowboys hired Brown to help bring life to a nonexistent running game.  Jerry Jones opted to fire Skip Peete after the Cowboys posted their lowest accumulated rushing total over a 16-game span in franchise history.

Never mind the fact, that it was the team’s general manager who assembled the porous offensive line, which was expected to create holes for the running backs and keep Tony Romo upright.  That is something that in my opinion, they didn’t do and haven’t done in quite some time, but I’ve digressed.

“We all know that the injury bug has bit him a little bit,” Brown said. “We have to keep him healthy, and he and I will work together to just refine some of his things and get him better. Obviously he is a good, talented runner. We just want to shine up some of his things and get him to be an elite runner.”

Does anyone else feel like the word “elite” has lost some of its luster given how it’s just thrown around nowadays?

Given Murray’s injury plagued past, Brown thinks that refining Murray’s running style will help him become a more durable running back.  That may be the case, but until the offensive line is fixed, Murray will continue to get hit in the backfield and the Cowboys running game will continue to struggle.

There was also talk that the Cowboys are going to roll the dice with Lance Dunbar and Phillip Tanner as the team’s reserves, which I can’t say I’m too excited about.  Maybe I’m wrong, but when you can’t unseat a fat and out of shape Felix Jones for the backup running back gig, chances are that if need be, you’re not going to provide much help when your number is called.


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