Who's better, Cam Newton or Andy Dalton?

By Damon Salvadore
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These two quarterbacks have a lot of similarities between them. Both quarterbacks were drafted in 2011. Both made the pro bowl their rookie season and both play with a superstar wide receiver. It’s fairly obvious that after just two seasons, both of these guys are their respective teams’ franchise quarterbacks for the future.

Cam Newton was drafted No. 1 overall by the Carolina Panthers and won the NFL offensive rookie of the year. He passed for over 4,000 yards his rookie year, and makes some astonishing plays with his legs. Andy Dalton was the fifth quarterback drafted in 2011 by the Cincinnati Bengalsbut he continues to prove critics wrong. His touchdown-to-interception ratio stands out for a two-year veteran, and he make smart plays.

So which quarterback is better?

The answer is Dalton. Dalton is more of a leader, more clutch, and he is more efficient than Newton. In their first two seasons, both quarterbacks have exactly 29 interceptions. There’s only one problem for Newton. Dalton has seven more passing touchdowns, a better completion percentage, and five more game-winning drives. Dalton has the “it” factor. When it matters most and when the pressure is on, he makes plays and puts his team in position to win. Newton has been impressive at times, but he has flaws.

Newton is the opposite at the end of games. He seems to crumble under pressure when the heat is on. Newton destroys Dalton in the mobility factor, and has rushed for over 1,447 yards and 22 touchdowns, compared to Dalton’s 272 yards and five touchdowns. The problem with Newton’s great mobility is it comes at a cost. Dalton takes the sack and goes down. When Newton is pressured by defenders, he tries to make a play, scrambles and scrambles some more losing more yards. Newton has also fumbled six more times than Dalton.

Both quarterbacks have been sacked 70 times, but there’s a catch. Dalton’s sack yards total 389, while Newton’s sack yards total is 504.

Last season, Newton said he wanted suggestions because he was confused and he “didn’t know what to do.” As the No. 1-overall pick and the leader of the team, is that the message you want to send to teammates and fans? When the game is tied or the Panthers are behind by one possession, Newton can be found on the bench with a towel on his head, instead of going over two minute drills. Dalton, on the other hand, leads his team to game-winning drives at the end of games after reviewing plays with teammates.

Newton for four years, $22 million, or Dalton for four years, $5.2 million?

Give me Dalton.


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