Carolina Panthers to Renovate Bank of America Stadium

By Dale Casler


Jeremy Brevard- USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers have unveiled plans for renovations to Bank of America Stadium where they play.  Owner Jerry Richardson surveyed fans and sought out numerous architects for the future work to the stadium.

The “re-branding” process began in 2011.  Richardson tweaked the Panther logo just enough to bring it into the new era. He added some meaner looking teeth and switched a few colors on the panther as well.  As funny as it sounds, a simple move like this one creates all new merchandise, generates buzz online and gives the powerful NFL something new to talk about.  Translation… more money!

Next in line was the Panther’s stadium.  The news Richardson received from his loyal fans via the surveys was that his luxury boxes were a great experience.  The rest of the seats however, were not. “There will be some upgrades to the premium areas, but the majority of the master plan has to impact 74,000 people on gameday”, Richardson explains.

If the plans from Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson go through, it will indeed impact 74,000 people.  By my math, it will “impact” 751,087 people in the city of Charlotte and 9.8 million residents of the state of North Carolina to the tune of $143.75 million and growing. The Panthers are seeking a 1% food and beverage tax to offset the city and state’s contribution to the renovations.

The Renovations also hold a clause keeping the Panthers from moving anywhere else for the next 15 years. All that is left for the very busy Richardson is to put a winning football team on the field.  You know?  Give the fans and tax payers something to be proud of as they watch their favorite NFL team on Sundays.

For the record, I see that happening here.

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