Houston Texans Need To Get Andre Johnson Some Help At Wide Receiver

By Ben Grimaldi
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday I wrote how the Houston Texans should give running back Arian Foster some help in order to keep him fresh throughout the year. Foster, however, isn’t the only skill player who could use some help – so could wide receiver Andre Johnson.

For years, Johnson has been the only reliable threat on the outside for the Texans, and even though Johnson continues to play at a high level, he can’t do it alone. This season, Johnson led the Texans in catches (112) and yards (1,598), also catching four touchdowns. Tight end Owen Daniels was the closest Texans player in each of those categories but no wide receiver came close. Kevin Walter caught only 41 passes, for only 518 yards, so it’s clear the Texans need another receiver to step up.

This isn’t a new problem for the Texans either. Johnson has led the team in eight of his nine seasons in Houston, and only his injury plagued 2011 season has stopped from owning that honor then. Johnson, for all of his accomplishments in the NFL, has never caught 10 touchdowns in a season, and that’s a direct result of not having another threat on the other side of the field.

The Texans offense always runs the ball well and should open up the passing game for all of the Texans receivers, not just Johnson. Imagine how good the Texans offense would be with Foster, Johnson, Daniels and another legitimate receiver! Johnson is showing no signs of slowing down, but he will be 32-years old in the 2013 season, and he needs someone else to help him carry the Texans passing game.

Andre Johnson continues to be one of the best receivers in the game, but the Houston Texans still need to get him help in order for their offense to thrive.

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