Jerry Jones Should Learn a Thing or Two From Dan Snyder

By Jesus Flores


Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


For years, it was the same old story with the Washington Redskins.

Dan Snyder would hire and fire coaches, and throw money around as if it were the thing to do.  He hoped – prayed – one of the things he was throwing against the wall would stick.

Nothing stuck until the Redskins put all their eggs in a basket and traded up to get their hands on Robert Griffin III.  Looking at that move hindsight, it’s one of the best moves that Snyder’s team has done in a very, very long time.

If you recall, Snyder cleaned house after the Jim Zorn experiment failed.  He fired his head coach and general manager Vinny Cerrato.  It wasn’t until Snyder removed himself from the equation and let his coaching staff and general manager do their jobs that the Redskins have finally resurrected their storied franchise.

“The general manager needs to prevent the owner from hiring someone who’s not qualified,” Snyder said. “I apologize openly. I made a mistake.”

According to columnist Gary Myers, “it was Cerrato’s job to keep Snyder from being a moron.” A job, which Cerrato didn’t do.

Now if only Jerry Jones could do the same.  Unfortunately for Dallas Cowboys fans the general manager cannot keep the owner from being a moron because they’re the same person.

It should be blatantly obvious by now that nothing will change in Dallas until owner Jerry Jones fires general manager Jerry Jones, but owner Jerry Jones doesn’t seem ready for that.  In case you needed more proof, just take a look at the moves being made this off-season.

Jones says the moves are being made by head coach Jason Garrett, but one doesn’t have to read between the lines to notice it’s pretty obvious that Jones is back in the driver’s seat, and this bus is headed down another mediocre road.

Jesus Flores is a Dallas Cowboys writer for  Follow him on Twitter @SSgtFlo1


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