NFL Rumors: Latest on the Percy Harvin Trade Situation

By Andrew Fisher
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY SPORTS

Through the last couple of weeks, there has been nothing but speculation on the Percy HarvinMinnesota Vikings situation. Will they trade him, will he hold out? No one really has firm grasp of the situation, and there are still way more questions than answers.

However, the latest buzz finally sheds some light on the root of Harvin’s issues with the team. Apparently, the receiver is not happy with the current state of the Vikings’ passing game. I take this to be an indictment of the talent around Harvin, because he couldn’t possibly be complaining about a lack of touches.

If Harvin is indeed upset with the overall state of the passing game, that’s fair. I don’t know many Vikings’ fans that are happy with it. There’s just not enough talent on the field at that position.

So if these rumors are true, it means that people have been wrong to jump to conclusions about his contract situation. This may not be about money, after all. But, I still think the Vikings should re-sign him if they can talk him down from Megatron money…

In related news, GM Rick Spielman came out said that the team has no intention of trading Harvin. This isn’t shocking because I don’t know why they would want to. Trading a guy this talented just seems crazy, but when off-field issues overshadow talent, things get messy.

I’m only in favor of trading Harvin as a last resort. If the team can’t make him happy by putting more talent on the field, and if he’s not happy with his contract, he must be dealt. If he’s not happy, he must go. This team showed it can get by without him, and there’s just no room for distractions in Minnesota. I really hope it doesn’t come to that, but it’s still a real possibility. It will be interesting to see who the Vikings bring in via free agency, and if those moves influence Harvin.


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