NFL Rumors: Nate Burleson Helps the Detroit Lions Pitch for Reggie Bush

By Chris Katje
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, I mentioned that Matthew Stafford started following Reggie Bush on Twitter. This relative small move could be the start of a small recruiting tactic by the Detroit Lions quarterback. On Monday, Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson took a much more direct approach.

On NFL AM, Burleson addressed Bush through a camera and pleaded for him to come to Detroit to help the team. Appearing with Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark, Burleson had the chance to answer questions like, “Who’s the best defensive back in the league?”, “Who’s the best wide receiver in the league?” and “Which free agent would you want to join your team?”

On the last question, Burleson asked, “Where’s my camera at” and then talked directly into the camera on the NFL Network. Burleson told Bush, “You already took your talents to South Beach, come on to Detroit.” This was a reference to the famous “Decision” by Lebron James, who said he was taking his talents to South Beach (Miami Heat). Bush played with the Miami Dolphins the past two seasons and is now looking for a new home.

Burleson also told the NFL Network, “If I can get Reggie Bush in a Detroit Lions uniform…watch out.” Burleson discussed how the Lions need a playmaker like Bush after losing Jahvid Best to concussion problems. Burleson had nothing but praise regarding Bush, using terms like “proven explosive” and “elite running back”.

I have to agree with Burleson in the talents of the Lions if they can land Bush. The Lions would have an explosive offense with Stafford, Calvin Johnson, Burleson, Mikel Leshoure and Bush. The Lions will have to put up the money to sign Bush, but ultimately it will depend on if he wants to come to Detroit.

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