Oakland Raiders: Is the NFL Combine a distraction or useful tool?

By Jeremy Hayes
Miles Burris
Jeremy Brevard- USA Today

The Oakland Raiders found some gems in last year’s NFL Draft, but is there enough depth to find some future stars among the 2013 rookie class?

The Raider coaching staff will run drills in the 2013 combine, so they will get a closer look at this year’s talent. The Raiders are team that is known to draft guys who are “physical freaks” at there position, so any names that stand out at the combine, you can expect the front office in Oakland to take a closer look at those players.

Does the NFL Combine really help the Raiders with there draft selections?

The Raiders have been known to draft players who have a great combine and pro day, but not too impressive of a college career.

Darrius Heyward-Bey, even though most Raider fans would still defend the selection, was a perfect example of drafting for skills in the combine and on paper rather than in-game talent and production. In the long run as a team, this is horrible for the franchise.

On the other hand, drafting these “combine players” in the later rounds are actually smart and valuable picks for the team.

As much as reporters try to analyze, the truth is: we don’t know who will be good. We know who has potential, but it is always hard to tell who can compete until they are actually given their shot and teams can see what they can do with them. The combine is just for flash, nothing more, but sometimes that stage of flash can make a player stand out and give him a shot.


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