Once Again, Michael Vick Speaks Before He Thinks

By Michael Collins
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sure that when the Philadelphia Eagles 2012 season ended in the fashion that it did, Michael Vick didn’t expect to be making a return as quarterback in 2013. Naturally, his assumption led to some comments that he now probably wishes he could take back.

Vick laid into some of his teammates, questioning their dedication and commitment, figuring he was going to be well on his way out of town when fecal matter struck the rotating vortex of forced air. Then new coach Chip Kelly and the Eagles restructured Vick’s deal to allow him a minimum of one more season in Philly.

Oops. Having trouble finding that rewind button there, Michael?

With the lack of a magical remote control, or a Men in Black neuralizer, Vick had to do some serious backtracking.

“I talked to about 15, 16 of my teammates already,” Vick said during his recent interview with 97.5 FM in Philadelphia. “They know me as a person. They know me as a competitor. I wasn’t pointing the finger at one person. It would have been easy to just point out one group of guys or a couple individuals who I thought could have played better, but I said that including myself.”

That’s Michael Vick trying his best to tread lightly. The problem is that everyone–teammates, coaches, and the media–does know Vick as a person, and to be honest it’s not the most flattering personality profile in the league. Not only does Vick have a history of fumbling on the field, but also when it comes to his words and actions – dating back to his early days in Atlanta when he seemingly would erase any good work done on or off the field with some ridiculous act of stupidity.

Remember “Ron Mexico”?

Vick then followed up that statement by saying, “I’m going to be who I am and I’m not going to change. I think everybody just has to accept it.”

Now there’s a real bouquet of apology flowers, huh?

What’s that old saying…the definition of insanity is when you repeat the same action over and over but expect a different result? I’d say there’s some serious insanity running around in that Eagles locker room, and the player relationships and dynamics are going to be an interesting thing to watch in 2013.

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