Only One Way Tony Romo Leaves Dallas Cowboys Anytime Soon

By Ben Grimaldi
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If you love and follow the Dallas Cowboys, one thing is certain: no one gets more attention that quarterback Tony Romo does. Of course, that attention isn’t always good for him, and that was especially true after the season-ending loss to the Washington Redskins, when Romo threw three interceptions, including a brutal pass that essentially ended the game.

For many Cowboys fans, that was the final straw. and they want Romo gone.

Their frustration is easy to understand and it’s probably been felt by every single Cowboys fan out there but the reality is, Tony Romo isn’t going anywhere. I’ve mentioned the reasons the Cowboys won’t move on from Romo, which includes his salary and regardless of what we all think the team still believes in him, but there still seems to be a group that just cannot accept that Romo will be a Cowboy for the next four or five years. So for that select group, I now present to you the only way Tony Romo leaves the Cowboys, explore at your own risk.

The only way the Cowboys move on from Tony Romo is if they completely rebuild. So we’ve now assumed the Cowboys have parted ways with Romo and will be going with Kyle Orton at quarterback. Understand that without Romo, the Cowboys don’t have another QB on the roster so let’s use Orton as a bridge to a young quarterback in the near future. The same Orton who has under 80 as a quarterback rating for his career, along with a completion percentage of 58.4, both well below Romo’s averages.

Now without a quarterback capable of winning a ton of games, and let’s not kid ourselves Orton isn’t a big-time QB, we’ll assume the Cowboys know this too and it means they’ve decided to rebuild. With that rebuilding process the Cowboys probably try to get rid of veteran salaries and trade pieces in order to get better faster, something Jerry Jones should know about from the Jimmy Johnson days. Being realistic, that means saying goodbye to Miles Austin, Anthony Spencer, Jay Ratliff, Doug Free, Gerald Sensabaugh, Marcus Spears and DeMarcus Ware. Ware is the biggest chip the Cowboys have in terms of rebuilding faster so away he goes and hopefully he brings back a few premium draft picks for the team to work with. He also has a big salary so getting rid of Ware at this time makes sense.

I’m guessing most of those names on that list don’t really scare you, so now what Jones and the Cowboys can do is build around their younger players like Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, Dez Bryant, DeMarco Murray and Tyron Smith. All of these young, core players will need new contracts within the next two to three years so there’s no time like the present to start making the room and the only way to do that is to rid themselves of the high paying contracts of those veterans.

Then comes the toughest part for Dallas, finding a replacement that is capable of winning a Super Bowl. If you think that’s easy, just ask the Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars or Miami Dolphins fans how easy it is to find that quarterback. At least with Romo, you know he’s going to give you a chance, but you have no idea what you’re getting without an established quarterback.

So who do the Cowboys draft in this year, because let’s be honest, if you’re rebuilding, you need a young quarterback to begin with. That process in itself is  unpredictable so I’m hoping the Cowboys are smart enough to draft a quarterback pretty high this year and should also draft a QB next year to cover themselves. Which is also something they did when Johnson was here; drafting Troy Aikman and taking Steve Walsh in the supplemental draft, so maybe Jones will pull from that experience.

Even with all of these core pieces the Cowboys will hopefully be able to keep around, they will still be rebuilding with a new quarterback. I know in the past few years we’ve seen young quarterbacks play some amazing football but can that trend continue? Also, are there quarterbacks with that ability still out there or have these years been a rarity? No one knows for sure but I do know that asking for more patience from Cowboys fans who haven’t seen any real success in the past 17 years is a lot to ask.

So there it is for you Cowboys fans who want to get rid of Tony Romo so bad, you have to make up your mind. Do you want to completely rebuild, which could take another few years, or do you want to continue to try and win now with Tony Romo? You know what you’ve got with the veteran quarterback but are you willing to bet he’s got what it takes to win a Super Bowl in the next few years with this core of Cowboys and Jason Garrett? Or do you not believe in him at all and are willing to go into the great unknown without him.

I would have no problem with starting over but that has more to do with getting younger and signing the next generation of Dallas Cowboys, than it does Tony Romo. We’ve all probably heard this too many times in the past few years but it’s the absolute truth, the Cowboys have much bigger problems than Tony Romo.

As the saying goes, it’s better to dance with the devil we know rather than the devil we don’t.

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