Reports of Dallas Cowboys Passing on LeSean McCoy Not Surprising

By Jeric Griffin
lesean mccoy dallas cowboys
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The Dallas Cowboys make some dumb moves, but the latest report from one of the team’s beat writers is beyond mind-boggling. Bryan Broaddus, who has worked for multiple outlets in the Dallas Fort Worth-area covering the Cowboys and is now employed by the team, told the Cowboys’ official radio station in Dallas that the team passed on Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy in the 2009 NFL Draft. Now that’s no breaking news; we knew that a long time ago. However, the habit the Cowboys have picked up that’s being highlighted here shows the franchise’s primary problem.

Broaddus says the Cowboys had McCoy graded as a first-round player in 2009, but didn’t pull the trigger when he was still on the board in the second round. He also says the Cowboys simply “weren’t willing to take McCoy,” who has gashed Dallas’ defense twice each year for the past four as a member of the Eagles.

Dallas also passed on St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson in the 2004 NFL Draft and took Julius Jones instead. During the few times Jackson has played against Dallas, he’s reminded Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones about it by piling up yards and touchdowns, even when the team around his was awful.

The list of talented players the Cowboys have looked over in the NFL draft is a mile long and will continue to get longer, but the point is the same: Jones doesn’t stick to his draft board. He drafts third-round-graded players in the first and vice versa, which is why the team ended up with players like Quincy Carter and without players like Dwight Freeny and Ed Reed to name two and the ones mentioned above.

Of course, Dallas also passed on players like Randy Moss, but it’s debatable on whether or not the Cowboys should have pulled the trigger there. Still, the bad habit holds true: Jones has no idea what he’s doing on draft day. He goes by gut feelings and spur-of-the-moment decisions that have no value or merit whatsoever. And so the go the Cowboys, the joke of the NFL. As long as Jones is in charge, that will continue to be the case.

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