The Cleveland Browns Need To Franchise Phil Dawson One More Time

By Ryan Ruiz
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns need to pull out the franchise checkbook one more time. It would make every Browns fan on the planet happy if they franchised Phil Dawson for a third time. All it would cost is 15.6 million dollars, no big deal. Like Nike says, “Just Do It”.

With questionable and interesting moves being made left and right, the Browns can smartly simmer down the fan base by re signing Dawson. Money always talks and I’m pretty sure Dawson would entertain 15.6 million reasons. The Texas native does want to move closer to home, but has stated he loves Cleveland and their fans. The first time Pro Bowler is absolutely worth the money required.

Because of past failed regimes, Cleveland still has former coaches and executives on their payroll. This is money being thrown down the tubes and don’t think you, as the fan, isn’t effected by it. It is your hard earned greenbacks that have partially paid for the salaries of Eric Mangini, George KokinisMike “Highway Robbery” Holmgren, and Pat Shurmur. Every beer you gulped down, jersey you bought in the team shop, and $100 or so you spend each game assisted in that.

It’s time to take that hard earned cash and use it to maintain one of Cleveland’s most endured class acts, Dawson. For everything that the fans and Dawson have been through, he deserves to retire a Cleveland Brown. The Browns are under of plenty of other pressure in other areas of need, kicker could be an easy one if they spend the money. Do the smart and right thing, keep No. 4 in brown and orange.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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