What will the Kansas City Chiefs do with Matt Cassel?

By Andrew Fisher
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When it comes to the Kansas City Chiefs, one thing is for sure – they must upgrade at quarterback. With Andy Reid at the helm (a proven QB coach), the time is now.

One Chief whose future is very much uncertain, is Matt Cassel. The one-time ‘future of the franchise’ has been a big bust so far in KC. Believe it or not, only four years ago, Cassel signed a six-year/$63 million dollar deal.

Wow, talk about not living up to the hype. Cassel is a lot of things, but he’s sure as hell not a $63 million dollar man. So what do the Chiefs do with him?

Reid says he’s not even close to making a decision:

“We’re too early in the process to know that. We’ll continue to evaluate it. We’re evaluating him just like we do a free agent. That’s what you do, and the thing about that is it takes time. I think he realizes that. That’s how it works when there’s a change.”

The big question to me – could Andy Reid save Cassel? We’ve seen what he’s capable of, Cassel is not a terrible quarterback in general, although you could certainly argue he was in 2012. I think given the right tutoring from Reid, his career may not be dead after all.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not saying make him the starter. But if you can’t get rid of him, which is very likely (still owed $21 million), then make him the best backup he can be. If things don’t work out with whoever starts in 2013, then you can always give Cassel one more chance. Chiefs’ fans everywhere hope it doesn’t come to that, but it’s unlikely he will be playing anywhere else besides Kansas City next season.


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