Houston Texans should consider starting T.J. Yates

By Aaron Dartez

The Houston Texans have made it to the second round of the playoffs two years in a row now but have lost both times, this year to the New England Patriots and last year to the Baltimore Ravens. This year it seemed that the play of quarterback Matt Schaub was the key problem. While he’s a good quarterback, Schaub’s arm strength just isn’t enough to get the ball to the receivers quick enough, especially against some of the faster defensive backs like Leon Hall.

Houston should consider starting the young quarterback who led them to the playoffs last year, T.J. Yates. Yates showed last year he has the arm strength and the mobility to be a great NFL quarterback. As a rookie, he took over after Schaub’s season ended to a Liz Frank injury, then backup quarterback Matt Leinart broke his collarbone. Yates took the reigns the rest of the season, making him the first former North Carolina quarterback to ever start in the NFL.

He led the team to a 3-3 record over last six games in 2011 and into the playoffs, where he won his first playoff game against the Cincinnati Bengals, but came up short to the Ravens. He finished the season with a 61.2 completion percentage, 949 yards, three touchdowns and three interceptions along with 56 rushing yards and one rushing touchdown.

Yates has shown he has better arm strength than Schaub and can move in the pocket as well as outside just as well as Schaub can. Schaub is coming up on his 10th season and it’s time for a change in Houston. He seems to float the ball in, sometimes causing interceptions, whereas Yates has the arm strength to get the ball in quick and make plays happen.

Yates is a young quarterback with incredible potential and could be a solid starting quarterback for years to come. If Houston doesn’t start Yates this season or next, he will not stick around. Yates has the potential to be a starting quarterback on many teams and Houston needs to lock him in and start him before it’s too late.


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