Kansas City Chiefs in Drastically Better Position with Dwayne Bowe

By Andrew Fisher

If the latest NFL Rumors are true, and the Kansas City Chiefs are planning to franchise tag wide receiver Dwayne Bowe, things are looking much brighter for the team than they were just days ago.

This would mark the second consecutive season the Chiefs have franchised Bowe, but how can you blame them? I view him as the No. 1 free agent wide receiver on the market. He’s a bonafide go-to receiver on the outside with the ability to change a game with one play.

All along, I just doubted the Chiefs would keep Bowe, presumably due to the large amount of money he’ll be owed. Plus, the team is in a clear rebuilding mode. It just seemed like time to move on for both parties, even though we all know what he is capable of on the field.

With this latest news though, everything has changed. Bowe on the roster in 2013 certainly doesn’t make the Chiefs contenders, but it does keep another elite player on the field. If he and Jamaal Charles can actually get a decent quarterback to get them the ball, KC could be in business.

Now, it should be noted that Bowe was not a fan of being tagged last year, so this isn’t a done deal. I’m sure he’d rather sign a long-term contract, but we’ll have to see how it plays out. You can only imagine the difference this would make for the players, fans and coaches if Bowe continues his career as a Chief.


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