Many 2013 NFL Mock Drafts Have Kansas City Chiefs Taking QB at No. 1

By Jeric Griffin
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Everybody and their dog has been talking recently about how poor the quarterback class is in the 2013 NFL Draft, yet many “expert” mock drafts have the Kansas City Chiefs taking one with the first overall pick. Talk about mixed signals; there are tons of talking heads everywhere you look saying how the 2012 NFL Draft was just rich with quarterback talent and this year is just below average. That may be true, especially considering how high Geno Smith and Matt Barkley‘s stock was and where it is now. Still, the fact we have so much confusion with the draft almost two months away means it’s going to be one to actually watch.

Come on, how many of you actually watch the draft each year unless your team has a top five pick? That’s what I thought. Last year, everyone knew the Indianapolis Colts and Washington Redskins were going to take Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III with the first two picks, so no one really cared to actually watch the way-too-long-television event that is the NFL draft. This year, everyone will be tuned in.

If the Chiefs take Smith first overall, they’ll be heavily scrutinized for it unless he sets the woods on fire in his rookie season, which won’t happen. Seriously, does anyone really think he’ll repeat the performances of Luck, Griffin and Russell Wilson? No, because he flopped like a fish out of water in his final collegiate season, just like Barkley.

One interesting note is North Carolina State quarterback Mike Glennon sneaking into the top 10 in a few more recent mock drafts. Of course, all this is pre-Combine speculation and will likely change drastically after the event, but if three quarterbacks are taken in the top 10 considering the low quality of this year’s class, you can toss rankings and Pro Day performances out the window from now on. If you’re a signal-caller, you’ll go early and get paid the big bucks, whether you deserve it or not. At this point, don’t be surprised if Smith is the first example at the end of April.

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