NFL Rumors: Darrelle Revis Headed West?

By Jeric Griffin
darrelle revis 49ers
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret the New York Jets and Darrelle Revis aren’t getting along these days. The former All-Pro cornerback, who is currently recovering from an ACL tear, has lashed out at his team publicly for the Jets’ lack of communication regarding recent trade rumors. Well, that’s only getting worse after the verbal scuffle, or lack thereof. On Tuesday, more rumors surfaced of Revis being traded this offseason, with the San Francisco 49ers being the center of attention.

The NFL‘s website claims that Revis is out to be the highest-paid defensive player in the league and he’ll be traded before the 2013 NFL Draft. The two most likely destinations listed are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and 49ers, with the latter being the top option.

Can you imagine the 49ers’ defense with a guy like Revis on board? San Francisco just played in the Super Bowl with a stifling defense that is already rock solid and adding a guy like Revis would easily give them the NFL’s top unit. However, the salary cap could play a factor.

Obviously, it will take a very hefty offer to get the Jets’ best player, even though they’re apparently set on trading Revis. That means the 49ers–who are currently $2 million over the salary cap–could easily get rid of quite a bit of money toward the cap during the exchange.

If it happens, it’s likely that no quarterback will compile 300 passing yards against the 49ers in 2013. Now that will be something to see. But we have to wait and see how this trade stuff shakes out first.

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