Washington Redskins Should Keep DeAngelo Hall With Restructure

By Korey Beckett
DeAngelo Hall Washington Redskins
Tim Heltman-US Presswire

Fans of the Washington Redskins aren’t afraid to give their opinion on cornerback DeAngelo Hall. Few would give positive feedback, but many of his detractors are ready for the 29-year-old to leave Washington forever. He’s scheduled to make $7.5 million for 2013, which is way too steep for a player coming off of a season with as many struggles as Hall had.

You do have to admire his willingness to stick with the organization though, as he recently said that he will do “whatever I gotta do to be here.” With that said, it sounds like Hall really wants to be part of the Redskins in hopes of a return to the playoffs for 2013. If the Redskins can keep him at a more cap-friendly contract, then there’s no reason to ditch him. If a restructured deal is able to free up enough space to bring an even better cornerback in, it would give Hall the chance to really excel as the No. 2 corner.

It’s a good sign for the franchise, as well. Just a few seasons ago, players wouldn’t want to go to Washington unless they were the highest bidder, now players want to stick around just to see what the future holds with young players like Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris, and be part of a revitalization of the team. Even though Hall’s character was questionable in spots during the 2012 season, it’s clear that he’s committed to the success of the Redskins and that’s perhaps the best news. He played banged up through most of the year, so maybe a full and healthy season matched up against the No. 2 receiver of the opposition will be just what the doctor ordered for Hall.

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