Who Will Emerge as the Top Draft Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft?

By Korey Beckett
Luke Joeckel
Brett Davis-US Presswire

One thing we’ve known over the last month and a half is that the Kansas City Chiefs have the No. 1 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. That’s about all we know, though. There have been reports that the Chiefs are enamored with quarterback Geno Smith, and then there are reports that say the Chiefs don’t think there’s a single quarterback worth taking in the first round, period.

While there’s always a chance the team could trade away their first pick, the shallow talent pool isn’t likely to make any other franchise give up their future picks just to get top billing this year. So since it looks like the Chiefs are destined for the top spot, where should they go? Is Smith ready to be a starting quarterback in the NFL? Popular opinion would say he won’t see the success that the top two picks in 2012 (Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III) did with their respective franchises. But if anyone could mold Geno Smith, it would be new head coach Andy Reid, who helped Donovan McNabb have a long and successful career with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Well, having a quarterback would make sense, but there wouldn’t be anyone to protect him. That’s where Luke Joeckel comes into play. Taking a franchise left tackle is always the safe route to take, but the Miami Dolphins are still trying to make it to the playoffs despite Jake Long being a cornerstone at the position since 2008. They could have taken Matt Ryan, but didn’t feel he was a need at the time. Ryan, on the other hand, is frequently making the playoffs.

One last option is Star Lotulelei, which would truly be a hit-or-miss. If he ends up being an All-Pro, then that’s great, but a defensive tackle can only take you so far. It seems that the fastest way back to playoff glory is through the quarterback position, and with the type of fit that Smith and Reid could have, that’s where you have to go. If Joeckel and Lotulelei were once-in-a-lifetime prospects, then I would lean that way. However, that’s not the case, so Smith it is.

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