Arizona Cardinals Need to Find Balance in 2013

By Kase Brammer
Arizona Cardinals
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

During the 2012 Season, the Arizona Cardinals tried very hard to find balance in their offensive. Unfortunately for them, they could not find any balance or identity because most of their quarterbacks were less than average and their offensive line looked oddly similar to a swinging door.

This season, New Head Coach Bruce Arians says the Cardinals are going to try for a more vertical attack. If they are successful in that campaign, their running game should be better than dead last in the league. The Cardinals had a few bright spots from RB LaRod Stephens-Howling, but other than that, they never really had a chance. Stephens-Howling will never be more than a quick fix if the number one and two running backs go down. He is just two small to get the tough yards out of the backfield.

It’s going to take a couple of weeks, maybe even half of the season, before the Cardinals are able to find an identity. They are going to have to find at least three replacements for the offense and those people are going to have to be able to play well together right away. A new quarterback and two new offensive linemen are the reality of the Cardinals situation. They must pick at least two of the three in the early rounds of the draft and stay away from quarterback until next season at all costs.

The Cardinals must go after a new running back in free agency and spend the necessary money to make sure they will not have another Beanie Wells situation on their hands. Also, they must give QB Kevin Kolb one more season to see what he has under the new regime. The coaching will be better and hopefully this will translate into more than just five wins in 2013.

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