Darrelle Revis Blasts Richard Sherman On Twitter

By Riley Schmitt
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

It may be the off-season but the NFL will always be entertaining. Thanks to Twitter, we have ourselves a feud building between Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman. Both are great cornerbacks but it appears that Revis is not a fan of Sherman.

Yep, I believe that counts as shots fired.  Revis went down with a torn ACL early last year, which meant that the brash corner for the Seattle Seahawks decided to make himself known as the best CB in football.  Revis is more of a quiet guy, so you never really heard him boast.  With Sherman, he let you know that he should be considered the best in the game.

With the New York Jets possibly looking into trading Revis, this feud could escalate.  What if the two end up in the same division?  That would certainly cause some fireworks whenever the two would meet.  I don’t think that tweet will stay up very long, but it does have a good purpose.  It shows that Revis has very little respect for Sherman and his constant yapping.

I would bet money that Sherman ends up responding.  It is just in his nature to not let things like this go.  I bet he comes up with something creative.  When you are fighting to see who is the best at his job, you know Sherman will bring his A game.

UPDATE:  Sherman has indeed responded to Revis.

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