Miami Dolphins Consider Mike Wallace Top Wide Receiver, Not Greg Jennings

By Scott DelleFave
Mike Wallace
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have copious amounts of cap room and they are looking to spend some of it to give second year quarterback Ryan Tannehill a vertical threat, and wide receiver Mike Wallace fits the bill.

There is much debate in how much the Dolphins would actually have to spend to land him, since Wallace turned down a $50 million contract extension in 2012 by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Although Wallace could also think he’d be tied to a team that is aging rapidly especially on the defense. In addition, the Steelers haven’t really bolstered their offensive line so quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will have far less time to throw the ball deep which is Wallace’s meal ticket. Speaking of Roethlisberger, he’s coming off a nearly fatal rib cage injury that could change his whole game between actually taking a hit, to his delivery of the ball being thrown.

There are concerns for any free agent, and that’s what every team gambles on that the player they sign long term, and with Wallace, he can act like a diva and he tends to drop the ball often when it’s the most important time, which will always make it debatable if he’s worth double digit millions per year as he seems to be a one trick pony with his speed. Will this outweigh this lighting fast speed and abilities to score seemingly anywhere on the field of play, and where will Wallace wine up? Only time will tell for this saga.

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